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Mouse + Calculator = X Mark I Mouse

Have you ever been on ebay, and wanted to calculate how much it will cost you to buy something? Or have you ever been browsing the internet and wanted to work out some accounts?

You where using your mouse, but couldn’t find your calculator. Oh wait! now you can just use your mouse and calculate whatever you need, thanks to X Mark I Mouse. See the image below.


canon mouse

New Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet launched

Do you love scribbling but always hated wasting paper? The latest suite of optimized Boogie Boards can interest you. How does it work? These dry-erase boards let you scribble down your thoughts with your fingers and stylus, by way of pressure-sensitive reflex LCDs. Their prices are quite low as well, starting at $45 (€30 approx.)

It’s time to sell your vacuum and get a Robot!

roomba770If you ever dreamt of having a robot in your own house, you can now realise your dream – if you afford it, that is! The iRobot Romba 770 can replace your medium-sized vacuum cleaner and do the job on its own! It’s eyes are sensors that will adapt your room as furniture (or feet) move around. You can also create virtual walls to stop it from entering certain ‘delicate’ areas. And most importantly, its suction will clean anything on your floor. All this while you are doing other stuff. It’s price tag is $500 (around €350). Are you ready to pay that amount for the time it will take off your day?!

Know a song tune but not the name? Solved!

It’s not a new technology, but it’s cool. If you know a song but don’t know the name, just sing it to your iPhone or this website and you will get the name and the artist! Watch this video and try it yourself. Watch this video and visit and share with your friends so they can also know their next song!


Samsung’s foldable AMOLED display

AMOLED displayImagine this: a touchscreen that can be folded and put in your pocket. Then, whenever you need – just open it up and start using it! This may sound science-fiction, but Samsung are trying to make this available commercially with their foldable AMOLED display. What is interesting, is that developers made some regression testing by folding and un-folding the display some 100,000 times, and the display did not show any signs of creases, and the loss of 6% in brightness was negligible to the human eye! Let’s hope that Samsung will put these on the market sooner than we think :)

3D Printer Built!

Professors at the Vienna University of Technology made a breakthrough in today’s modern technology with the building of a 3D printer. Of course they still have to find a way to decrease the price from more than €1,200. Would you be interested in buying it for that price? :) Visit the official Vienna University website Here