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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Mouse + Calculator = X Mark I Mouse

Have you ever been on ebay, and wanted to calculate how much it will cost you to buy something? Or have you ever been browsing the internet and wanted to work out some accounts?

You where using your mouse, but couldn’t find your calculator. Oh wait! now you can just use your mouse and calculate whatever you need, thanks to X Mark I Mouse. See the image below.


canon mouse

ComputerDoc website launched

computerdocBitSolutions has just launched ComputerDoc brand new website. This website is aimed to give its clients all the information required to purchase computer related products from ComputerDoc. The website also shows a testimonials list and all the services offered by ComputerDoc. The backend allows the admin to have full control on the website, including the products, testimonials, offer of the week details and all text.

ComputerDoc guarantee to thoroughly and properly fix PCs and in delivering the very top quality computer systems. ComputerDoc works on all Windows operating system based computers.